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Welcome to Rebel Band Fam! This week is the official start of the fall football season.

Rebel Band Fam...You are about to embark on one of the single most exciting events for our students. At times it may seem overwhelming but I promise that we can do it together!

In Case you didn't read the weekly newsletter....

There is important information concerning the itinerary for home games and away games in this week's band family newsletter! Don't hesitate to send us a message is anything is unclear! If you would like to check your student out after the game this week, please click the link in your email and follow the procedure outlined in the email.

Things to think about this week in reference to this Thursday's performance:

  • Students are always provided a meal before away games. Meals are boxed Chick-Fil-A. They are not allowed to leave the main campus after school. Freshman students should be dropped off at the main campus directly after the completion of their school day.

  • Students should bring their water cooler, hat, black roll step shoes, long black socks, and gloves. If your student is a rookie, the hat, shoes, and gloves will be provided at the first game. Students should always were the navy blue band t-shirt that was issued during band camp. This is part of the standard uniform.

  • Uniforms will go home with students after the first performance and will need to be brought back to school the morning of each performance. Please do not wash the uniform until instructed to do so. You will receive instructions from the uniform committee when its time to wash :) 🧼 🧽

  • Home games are usually over between 9:30 pm and 10 pm. We typically arrive home from away games between 10:30 pm and 11 pm depending on location of the game and game time frame.

  • If you choose to check your student out at an away game, please be aware of the away game procedure. You must fill out the check our form prior to the game and collect your student at their bus after checking out with the head chaperone.


The BAND APP is a free app that will provide another pipeline of information from the Rebel band. Instructions to join the parent group was sent in this week's email. Please use the links below to download the app :)

MILTB stands for MAN I LOVE THIS BAND! This is our mantra and we hope that you will adopt it too!

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